But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?
-Mark Twain-

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ok so my computer is being a giant piece of shit so I’ll post all my E4K photos later (hopefully)

thank you for everyone who put up with my liveblogging and everyone who donated <3

thank you to Mr. Roman who endured with us for a while and thank you to Dave and Jon who did the same.<3

Thank you Random Acts for hosting this event and also repying to my posts !!!

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This is important. Academic elitism must be destroyed at all costs.


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I’ve always pretended to improv. Sneaking in a joke like I’ve stumbled on it, coming up with good comebacks for things that haven’t even happened… My whole life i’ve done that.

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Good lord can we talk about his choice in shoes and pants. [x]

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#black widow has the exact same powers and ten times the skill #intellect #morality #complexity #and she’s also got something batman’s never had: #my interest

Also, Black Widow accomplished all of it without being a billionaire.


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i love mark okay.

i was looking up the triplets mention at the comic con panel, cause i remembered jensen getting awkward, but even better, jensen’s talking about the karaoke and dancing when mark mentions the triplets, and jensen’s like “next question?”


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vventz replied to your post: E4K

im so proud of u babe go go work work ilu

I’m going to crochet for another hour or so then go to bed and I’ll finish the fifth blanket in the next couple of days!

ilu <3

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